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Inside view of PV-MobiLab by Kirchner Solar Group GmbHPV-MobiLab is a unique mobile testing laboratory for PV modules. With it, we can carry out the individual testing of solar modules directly on-site, e.g. at your solar park. This testing includes performance measurement (flash test) with STC* using a sun simulator, electroluminescence recording and thermography in a single work cycle – in and out. In this way, we reach a high throughput when testing. This saves you time and money.

*Standard Test Conditions (1000W/m², 25°C, AM 1.5G)

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On-Site Check

Have you experienced revenues losses due to defective or degraded PV modules? We clean and check the modules and put them through their paces. Defects, processing faults, material faults and degradation are determined directly on-site. This allows for optimisation so that your energy production is restored without long downtimes and with maximum efficiency.

On-Site Tuning

Inside view of PV-MobiLab by Kirchner Solar Group GmbHWith the available measurement data, modules strings can be rearranged, damaged modules can be sorted out and, if necessary, replaced immediately. We determine the criteria for this process after mutual agreement and to your specifications. Maximally efficient module strings can be formed, for example, by rearranging several module strings with defective or low-performing modules. The low-performing modules are arranged in separate module strings or replaced immediately. Because only the system part which is to be checked is dismantled, energy production in the other system parts continues. The checked and newly arranged system part can be used again immediately for energy production.

On-Site Rebuild

The Kirchner Solar Group offers an extensive service package as a complete project manager for photovoltaic systems. Upon request, we will do all dismantling and assembly work in addition to the inspection. We will also be happy to assist in the procurement of replacement modules as well as any material needs and also in the required processing of documents.

On-Site Claiming

Performance guarantees and claims – the verifications needed from the module producers are frequently hard to come by and also associated with high costs. The dismantling and shipment of a representative number of affected modules to a testing laboratory are associated with high expenditures and downtimes. Here, too, we can assist you as required with our experience and know-how. The extent of damage can be estimated using thermography and performance measurements. Random sampling in our MobiLab provides you with reliable and meaningful verification to support your claim.

Module Check

Inside view of PV-MobiLab by Kirchner Solar Group GmbHOvervoltage damage, vandalism, hail damage or material faults? Insurance damage or not? Are you an insurance carrier and are looking for a neutral service provider who can identify beyond doubt the cause of damage? The Kirchner Solar Group is the right company for you. In addition to cause identification, we also offer repairs (bypass diodes) or the procurement of replacement modules.

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Here you can download our four-page PDF brochure with all the important information about the PV-MobiLab.

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