Biaxial tracking systems

With the aim of maximising the use of solar energy Kirchner Solar Group have developed products that are characterised by above-average precision, efficiency and quality. The astronomic control, designed in exclusive cooperation with SMA Solar Technology AG, of our sonnen_system ensures the optimum alignment of the solar generators at all times of the day. The rotation of the systems is based on a process that nature had thousands of years to perfect: the movement of sunflowers following the sun. Kirchner Solar Group is one of the leading providers of biaxial tracked photovoltaic systems worldwide.

Precision, Efficiency, Flexibility

The highly precise operating tracking systems enable stable and predictable solar power yields which lie up to 45% above the yields of fixed installations. This efficiency is increased even further by multi_use. The area beneath the sonnen_system can also be utilised, for example, as a useable area for agriculture, as parking, for animal husbandry or the creation of a natural habitat.

Kirchner Solar Group also offers direct sales to system partners and complete turnkey solutions for solar parks. Worldwide numerous photovoltaic power stations already operating with the company’s premium systems.

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925x400_sonnensystem_2The construction of our sonnen_system ensures safe and reliable operation. Optimized statics provide stability and support throughout the lifetime of the tracking system. The sonnen_system is designed to operate for 20+ years and is equipped and constructed with the highest-quality components and materials available on the market today.

Our tracking system was designed for the global market and is guaranteed to operate safely – even in extreme climate conditions.

You are getting incomparable technological quality, engineered in Germany.


925x400_sonnensystem_4Our astronomical control unit, the SolTrk, was developed in close cooperation with the photovoltaic specialists at SMA Solar Technology AG, and offers an angular accuracy of up to 0.1 degrees.

This high precision is an absolute necessity for applications such as concentrator module technology.

The control is fully integrated into the SMA communication and allows for bi-directional data exchanges from anywhere in the world.

Service & Maintenance

925x400_service_1The communications hub allows for continuous monitoring of the operational data and offers a significant time advantage for maintenance and support work.

The system operator receives all system messages and relevant performance data in real time. Online applications allow you to set your system into operation, service and evaluate the performance from anywhere in the world.

This feature makes it possible to avoid unnecessary on-site visits and saves both costs and valuable time.


925x400_sonnensystem_3The sonnen_system is equipped with an extensive array of safety features. This allows for reliable operation in extreme conditions – protecting your investment even in the event of storms or power failures.

All security features are summarized in our unique safety concept, the safeguard. A voltage monitoring system continuously checks the charge level of the control’s batteries so that the secure table position can always be accessed when needed.